Cloudflare hosted basic email forwarding

With the advent of Cloudflare registrar, you are quickly becoming a one-stop shop for everything other than hosting the actual content. Being able to manage DNS and domain registration at one location is going to capture a lot of business from registrars.

However, most registrars offer an additional service Cloudflare does not provide, MX records that do basic email forwarding. Without this simple feature which doesn’t even require Cloudflare’s expertise in threat mitigation, we are stuck using registrars’ mail forwarding service and MX records, preventing a full migration to Cloudflare and centralization of services.

Please consider giving us a couple of free MX servers which merely forward mail according to the same kind of rules as Page Rules. They can even be a money maker as we could pay extra for more than 3 forwards in the same way as we pay for more than 3 Page Rules.

Agreed on this. While domain registration is an exciting step for Cloudflare, it’s not going to disrupt any registrars unless they offer basic domain email forwarding. They say ‘Cloudflare doesn’t do email’… well we are asking for email services other than basic forwarding. That’s low-hanging fruit for Cloudflare and would be a HUGE opportunity for them not only to monetize for some very trivial cost to customers, but more importantly, they would quickly acquire almost all the registrar business. Without email forwarding, customers are hand-cuffed to GoDaddy, etc. I have thirty (30) domains I’d transfer them tomorrow if they offered email forwarding. But instead, I’m transferring none (0) at this time.


I had just migrated from stupid GoDaddy to Google Domains and was quite pleased with their services, but in an attempt to lessen the amount of Google services we rely on from a week to week perspective, we signed up for early access to Cloudflare Registrar services and were thrilled to have the opportunity to make the jump only a month or two after having just switched.

We’re presently stuck without a simple email forwarding solution since making the jump and have accounts and probably lost emails attached to the domain without a simple solution or workaround on the horizon. Open to suggestions if anyone else has climbed this hill, just started researching.

+1 for this request.

Same Boat, basic email forwarding for domains and subdomains is just a must have.

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I am curious if it is possible to forward emails natively with Cloudflare. If not, I am also curious if this and similar features will ever be available.

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No, Cloudflare doesnt handle emails at all.

Maybe at some point, but thats probably a question for product management :slight_smile:.

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I figured as much. Which is my I put this in the product request category

Email Forwarding for domain and subdomain is a basic need for a registrar. IMHO


You already made that clear at Cloudflare hosted basic email forwarding :wink:

definite +1

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I am really surprised that a simple email forwarding has not been added to Cloudflares registrar service, it is just a basic necessity and i cannot fathom why there are only 3 people here requesting such a service. All other people seem to be fine to use yet another service to handle email forwarding ?

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Well, 19 people did vote on it.

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I kinda hope Cloudflare has more than 19 customers :smiley: So 19 or 3 people is not much of a difference i suppose

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Maybe there is simply not that much interest.

No worries, on an actual security issue only 13 people voted :wink:

I agree the security issues are much more severe, this is more a quality of life type of deal

Amazing idea!

Initially I checked out to see if that would be suitable for our meager email requirements, but then I stumbled upon and it is just downright simple for up to ~5 users for basic email forwarding on a custom domain.

I should have done my research before making the jump so hastily, but I wanted to start scaling back the amount of Google services we relied upon. I sort of miss the BloggerDOTcom features, as well, but hardly enough to keep using everybody’s favorite corporate overlords… but the email thing was crucial to get back up and running. One of the two aforementioned options should hopefully prove helpful to anyone else stuck in a similar situation.


Forwarded email would be great it’s pretty standard for registrars now


Agree +1

PS: I have wanted something like this since I first started using CloudFlare two years ago and I am still waiting for it to happen!