Getting Started

New to Cloudflare? Need help getting started? Not sure how to update your nameservers? You've come to the right place.


Discuss how to setup SSL / TLS, dedicated certs, WAF, and troubleshooting for common security related questions.

DNS & Network

Discuss all things DNS, including DNSSEC, IPv6, and other reliability feature related questions.


Discuss CDN features, load balancing, Accelerated Mobile Links, and other performance related questions.


Tell us what you think! Whether you have suggestions about usage & design, new product or feature requests, or are participating in one of our previews or betas, this is where to be.


Welcome to the Developers category. If you have questions regarding our API, developing (or using) Cloudflare Apps, Workers, Stream, the Mobile SDK, or any other developer topics, this is the place to post and research.


Not sure where it goes? Too many categories to choose? Have questions about Analytics, Billing, the Dashboard, or any other general topic? Feel free to post here, don’t be surprised if it gets moved later once things are fleshed out.


Prefer conversation in something other than English? When you’re logged in and a post is displayed in a language that is different than your settings, you’ll see a small globe icon in the toolbar at the bottom. Click the globe icon to translate to your language.

Hosting Partners

A forum for Cloudflare Hosting Partners to ask questions and share ideas specific (or unique) to Hosting Partners including but not limited to the Cloudflare API, reporting, provisioning and plug-ins.


Meta means discussion of the discussion itself instead of the actual topic of the discussion. We also call this the #site-feedback category for this Community.


Welcome to the Tutorials Category. Some of the posts in this category are wiki posts where you can contribute content to the tutorial. Look for the pencil icon on wiki posts and share your knowledge. The number of revisions is displayed next to the pencil to edit wiki posts.