Cloudflare hosted basic email forwarding



With the advent of Cloudflare registrar, you are quickly becoming a one-stop shop for everything other than hosting the actual content. Being able to manage DNS and domain registration at one location is going to capture a lot of business from registrars.

However, most registrars offer an additional service Cloudflare does not provide, MX records that do basic email forwarding. Without this simple feature which doesn’t even require Cloudflare’s expertise in threat mitigation, we are stuck using registrars’ mail forwarding service and MX records, preventing a full migration to Cloudflare and centralization of services.

Please consider giving us a couple of free MX servers which merely forward mail according to the same kind of rules as Page Rules. They can even be a money maker as we could pay extra for more than 3 forwards in the same way as we pay for more than 3 Page Rules.


Agreed on this. While domain registration is an exciting step for Cloudflare, it’s not going to disrupt any registrars unless they offer basic domain email forwarding. They say ‘Cloudflare doesn’t do email’… well we are asking for email services other than basic forwarding. That’s low-hanging fruit for Cloudflare and would be a HUGE opportunity for them not only to monetize for some very trivial cost to customers, but more importantly, they would quickly acquire almost all the registrar business. Without email forwarding, customers are hand-cuffed to GoDaddy, etc. I have thirty (30) domains I’d transfer them tomorrow if they offered email forwarding. But instead, I’m transferring none (0) at this time.