Header indicating encryption status of the origin connection


Not only, but also because of Website not opening with cloudflare server, could Cloudflare introduce a new response header which indicates whether the connection between origin and Cloudflare was encrypted or not?

That would not only serve debugging but also transparency purposes.

Feedback and thoughts welcome :slight_smile:


Great idea @sandro, really like it and it would help a lot with debugging :slightly_smiling_face:… And yes, transparency also!


+1, but I imagine some people will be fully against the idea since it would expose their inability to secure the origin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s precisely where the transparency argument kicks in :smile: :wink:


A slight nudge and tagging the usual suspects @cloonan, @cscharff, @ryan

Is there any chance of having this being made available and what could a possible timeframe for it be? Asking because I think it could be really useful and “should” :man_shrugging: be easy to implement :bowing_man: