Cloudflare hosted basic email forwarding

@anon61783467 Just to be clear, MailGun does not offer the ability to receive emails in its free plan. The $0.80 / 1k emails pricing refers only to sending emails (if you also with to receive emails, you need to pay $35/month…).

So, a solution is to use MailGun to send emails (ex: transactional or marketing email programmatically from your application) and then use ForwardEmail with a Gmail alias to receive emails (and also respond to them via Gmail).

yeah this is definitely a great feature to have on Cloudflare.

Yes please bring this basic feature into CF! it would be really great to have.
I transferred a bunch of domains over and didn’t realize there was no forwarding built in.
Fixed using {redacted} free forwarding though.

yes, upvote from me.

Absolutely yes, please add this.

I’ve been moving my domains over to CloudFlare, and am actually paying a premium (*) for most of them (happy to, for now). Hopefully all the new business CF is getting as a registrar allows them to implement free email forwarding I think CF can afford the bandwidth

(*) CF itself doesn’t add premiums, but it doesn’t offer any discounts either like many registrars do who have deals in place for some popular TLDs, so I’m paying more to CF than at my old registrars.

Cloudflare Registrar is still in in its infancy stages. Lots of bugs to tackle for onboarding first, before any new features are added. Issue resolution for registrar is also very slow. My ticket has been pending since a week, for a simple domain transfer cancellation. I would recommend keeping production based domains away from CF registrar for sometime… until it matures.

So many votes, for so long, and still this feature isn’t implemented.
Too bad I didn’t find this post before registering my new domain with CF, for me it means lack of response to the customers and reflects on customer service.

Regarding solutions, I am using improvMX for incoming. was wondering if anyone else used it before forwardemail and can comment on difference.

What worries me with improvmx is their way of login with an email, no 2FA etc…

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Make that 20. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think I agree with you, although I need clarification on why email forwarding is needed when one’s email service of choice (at least the better quality ones) can be easily integrated via Cloudflare’s DNS settings.

Forwardemail has really everything you need. I have been using this service for years, no complaining here.


+1 this feature is really needed

This looks simple on the surface and with Cloudflare resources they can do it. However, email is different from web. web is ok to failed, people will re-try.

Email due to its nature can be abused. When that happen the IP reputation is damaged and they have to answer the support on “Why the email went to spam?” or “Why the email went to promotion tab”.

Suddenly Cloudflare found themselves has to run a whole team too handle email, not just a quick/basic/simple email app anymore.

If we really care about reliability of email, it isn’t easy to get done. Even mail from Sendgrid/Mailgun/AWS SES go to spam all the time. Even Email send from Outlook → Gmail are flagged at spam some time. Email is hard by its nature due to human factor.

I think eventually Cloudflare will become like AWS where they have services for everything, but for now we have to use a third party.

I run for this purpose and have a dedicated doc for Cloudflare CloudFlare Email Forwarding

A few free service like forwardemail is great too but they requires you to put the forwarding rule in TXT records, so it’s kind of slow and clunky to use DNS to configure that due to DNS TTL. Also, your real email is exposed in TXT record, so you lost the privacy factor.


Totally agree. I’d rather pay Cloudflare than a 3rd party email forwarding company.


I came here for basic email forwarding (like Namecheap has) so I could transfer domains to Cloudflare. I find horse-and-buggy tech :laughing:

I guess we can mark this one as done now.

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