Cloudflare hosted basic email forwarding

I couldn’t agree more, thanks for the suggestions @nyceharold

FYI future CF users that come across this request: MailGun no longer offers ‘free’ tier, but it’s still pretty cheap ($0.80 / 1000 emails I think). ForwardEmail is easy and free for a few senders, just validate your domain with DNS records as usual.

@nathanbuck Just to be clear, MailGun does not offer the ability to receive emails in its free plan. The $0.80 / 1k emails pricing refers only to sending emails (if you also with to receive emails, you need to pay $35/month…).

So, a solution is to use MailGun to send emails (ex: transactional or marketing email programmatically from your application) and then use ForwardEmail with a Gmail alias to receive emails (and also respond to them via Gmail).

yeah this is definitely a great feature to have on Cloudflare.

Yes please bring this basic feature into CF! it would be really great to have.
I transferred a bunch of domains over and didn’t realize there was no forwarding built in.
Fixed using {redacted} free forwarding though.

yes, upvote from me.

Hello everyone. I’m @niftylettuce, the creator of Forward Email (previously mentioned by @nyceharold). Just chiming in if anyone needs help feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me. This is not an advertisement, I wouldn’t be posting this unless @nyceharold already had commented about us. We’re open source as well, so you can host the service yourself using the file on our GitHub.

P.S. We’re a Cloudflare customer ourselves! :tada:

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