Authentication Error 10000 and can't create API token (Error code 500)

I get an authentication error 10000 if i go to myprofile or if i want to change the language and if i want to create an api token i get an API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/user/tokens (500) error. I thinkt its the same problem like in that thread Cannot create API token - Authentication error (Code: 10000) .

I did empty the cache , tried incognito in browser, tried different browsers and different devices. Still always the same errors. Help is appreciated. My account ID is {redacted}. Ticket 2346003.


I am sorry to hear you are experiencing some issue while creating an API token.

Thank you for providing us some details and sharing the ticket number.
I have escalated your ticket number to the Cloudflare technicians.

Kindly and patiently wait for an answer with further instructions from them.


@user17886 Just re-opened the ticket and I have requested more information. Lets continue the investigation via the ticket.

I am experiencing the same, just trying to use cURL to hit the endpoint and I can’t get it to work – always 10000 authentication error. I cannot even make a token

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