Подскажите, как полностью отключить кэширование для сайта?

Подскажите, как полностью отключить кэширование для сайта. Почему-то не всегда данные обновляются.

I will reply in English, you can translate it here using the globe icon.

To disable caching you have 2 main different options:

  1. turn off proxying, by making the DNS entries in your dashboard :grey: instead of :orange:, you will lose all Cloudflare features, SSL included, except for DNS.
  2. create a page rule, matching all your domain (*domain.com/*), setting the Cache Level to Bypass and then purge the cache (shouldn’t be necessary, but better safe than sorry).

Жми caching - Development Mode ON (отключает кеширование на 3 часа)
Потом Purge Cache - Purge everything

На постоянно ищи в page rules

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The Russian-English mix is giving issues to the translator, but if I understood correctly that you suggest turning on Development Mode and then Purge Everything you are kinda wrong. This works only for up to 3 hours, returning everything to default (with the cache and all that) afterwards.

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