SHTML Not Working

Hi all,

I put my website through Cloudflare and everything seems to be set up correctly. However, my website still shows as Not Secure.

Do you know how I can fix this?


Hi @singletonfurniturelt,

Firstly enable ways use HTTPS under SSL/TLS which will redirect all traffic to HTTPS. Then you have a few mixed content issues (Item 2 and 4 in the tutorial linked above). Also under SSL/TLS, enable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites. If you still don’t see the padlock or a message like ‘not fully secure’, then have a look at Community Tip - Fixing mixed content errors.

In the future pls just check your Chrome Dev-Console, it shows you what is wrong very precisely!

Thanks for this - I am now trying to resolve the mixed content issues.

I am using opencart, and have no experience in this.

If I want to change my paths to relative paths, do I have to change every file, or is there a generic file which references all the files?

Did you try #3 and #4 in Community Tip - Fixing mixed content errors before you try and change all the links manually?

I’m afraid I have no experience with Opencart so can’t offer any assistance there.

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