Problems with audio files

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help me with this - I really appreciate any suggestions.

I recently set up Cloudflare for my site, and have since noticed (and been told by users) that a number of audio files are not working (the error message on the player I use is “Empty src attribute’”). The problem comes and goes, and seems to affect different files at different times (e.g. I can refresh page/clear cache and different files will be affected).

Since disconnecting Cloudflare, the errors have disappeared. I would really like to continue using Cloudflare - does anyone know how I could fix this issue?

In case it helps, the files are short (2-4 second) m4a files. My site has hundreds of these - would this kind of thing be inappropriate with a service like Cloudflare?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Can you post sample URLs? Is it reproducible?

Is there anything particular about your Cloudflare setup or is it mostly default settings? I would not assume Cloudflare’s cache to be the reason but you could still try to disable it temporarily and check if it fixes the issue. For that you’d need to set up a page rule matching your audio files and bypassing the cache.

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for getting back to me. Here’s a sample page, but note that things are working as I’ve disconnected Cloudflare:

I thought caching might be the cause so I created a page rule bypassing the cache ( but this didn’t solve the problem…


Have you signed up with Cloudflare directly or via your host?

Your nameservers point to Siteground which might suggest the latter. Unfortunately it is not possible to debug anything with the current settings.

Directly with Cloudflare but I changed the nameservers back to Siteground to fix the issue. I can point them to Cloudflare again if you’d like to take a look?


You dont need to change your nameservers if you want to bypass Cloudflare. You can either “pause” the site in the control panel or simply switch the DNS records to :grey:. If you change the nameservers it will eventually deactivate your Cloudflare zone.

Good to know, thanks! I’ll switch back now

Site seems to be back on Cloudflare nameservers and is proxied through Cloudflare, however the audio files did load fine. Do you have a way to reproduce it?

It seems to be kind of random. They loaded fine, but after refreshing a couple of times the error returned

Have you tried it with different browsers? I just tried several reloads on Firefox and couldnt reproduce it I am afraid. You seem to use Chrome. Maybe a Chrome issue? Just a guess.

I thought that too, but I managed to reproduce it after 3 refreshes (in a private browser, not sure if that’s important). Got a different error message: NS_ERROR_DOM_INVALID_STATE_ERR (0x8053000b) - MediaLoadInvalidURI

I could reproduce it exactly once. At that point it seems it simply did not receive a response and the request for the M4A file got stuck. The browser developer tools showed a request without response.

Being an intermittent issue it is rather difficult to track down. I’d open a support ticket, maybe they have something in some logs.

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Would like to ask: are there any error logs on your server?

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