Problems with <audio> Files

Hey Guys,
we installed Cloudflare today on our website.
But since that Moment we have Problems with our Audio files (mp3). They are included als HTML5 tags.

The following Error is displayed in the Browser Console:


The Error is sometimes apearing after some seconds, sometimes after some minutes of the Audio file.

We had that Error on Sites that have the standard caching plan (no page rule) and are behind an login.

I tryed to pause cloudflares cache, but that doesn’t helped. Is the proxy the problem?
We now pointed the nameserver again to our old hoster, so that the audio files are working again.

I found a similar topic, but unfortunately there were no solution for that problem:


Hi @michael49, I see your ticket and will keep an eye out on progress. Sorry for the issues.

Can you respond to the auto reply you received and let the engineer know if you’re still encountering this issue?

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