Mobile redirect

i want to mobile redirect link -
please help to redirect from to the above link for mobile device

That should be possible with under the “Speed” section.

yes i had done that… but it was not showing any products and images of the website

You had?

Right now it doesnt redirect, but going straight to that host loads the site

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my website is… i want to mobile redirect to for mobile user .
when i did mobile redirect to that link i wasn’t getting any products and images in the website so removed mobile redirect . can you please help me to mobile redirect properly so that my website mobile user get the redirected file . please guide me

Can you post a screenshot of the relevant bit in the “Speed” section, to verify it is properly set up?

is it this what you were asking

Well, it is disabled and it doesnt point to the desired domain.

i want to redirect it to “” its a subdomain. what should i do.
please guide me how i can redirect

You need to enable it and select the host you want. Otherwise it obviously wont work.

how to add subdomain to DNS record so that i can select it in mobile redirect page

You should have that already defined, unless you defined a wildcard but then it shouldnt be proxied.

Post a screenshot of your DNS settings (with IPs redacted) and one of your mobile redirect page with the host selection dropdown box opened.

first mobile view was in but i wanted a subdomain for Cloudflare so i shited it to

The “Name” for that subdomain should be “app”. You have “subdomain.hakkence.zom” set up as a CNAME that points to, which doesn’t exist in the first column.

The purpose of a Mobile Redirect is to send mobile users to a mobile version of your site as its own hosted subdomain.

If you don’t have a mobile-specific version of your domain running in a subdomain, you shouldn’t use the Mobile Redirect feature.

If /app is a mobile version of your site, you need to configure your web server to use that directory as a subdomain, though you may run into other problems trying to use a domain subdirectory as its own subdomain.

ohh that was the problem

so instead of “subdomain” i should add “app” right in name segment right that wil solve the problem right?

That’s a start. Call it “app” and have it point to…something. You can’t point it to a subdirectory, but it can point to, but it will show them the same website as desktop users.

so what should i do now so that my mobile user get app version of my site

Set up a subdomain on your server for your mobile app users.

At this point, Cloudflare is working properly for your website. Setting up an app subdomain is beyond the scope of this forum.

i am getting error code : 1004 when i change “subdomain” to “app” …


and subdomain i created for the app is for the mobile users.
one more question i have check this image

what is this