Mobile redirect

You can’t have a CNAME and an A record for the same host name.

Right now, I’m getting a server error because your server isn’t configured for that subdomain.

I doubt that your ealier screenshot was a complete one as “app” already resolved to Cloudflare IP addresses, so there should have been a record that was not on that screenshot.

In addition I asked for a screenshot of the mobile redirect page with the host selection.

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mobile redirect page screenshot .

should i change to something else like ***
my sever had said they had configured

Sorry, but we are going in circles.

Yesterday I asked a relatively simple question, to post two screenshots showing your settings

Instead of that we got a presumably incomplete screenshot and - now - the same mobile redirect screenshot from before with the list closed and the setting turned off in general.

Judging from your DNS setup you should be able to simply choose “app” as host for your mobile redirect and - obviously - enable the redirect, but currently that is somewhat speculative.

sorry about that.
im not able to understand some of the stuff as im not familiar with this

You dont need to be familiar with “it”, you need to post two screenshots. One of your complete DNS settings and one of your mobile redirect with the dropdown list opened/expanded.


is this what you where asking for?

Perfect, you do have an “app” host and you can select it in the list. Do that and enable the “mobile redirect” feature and you should be fine.

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is this correct?

Thats looks okay. Does it work for you now?


Well, going to your site does redirect me to your app host, so it does seem to work. Maybe its a caching issue on your end.

no im getting internal server error.
i had cleared all the cache in my mobile

Thats a completely different issue and outside of the scope of the forum here. You need to check that on your server. The mobile redirect does work now.

i had the similar problem from the starting itself… it is not getting redirected in the mobile device.
problem starts when i click mobile redirect option in Cloudflare

It does get redirected now. The problem is now purely on your server.

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