Minecraft Server/Gaming Server

I am wondering how I can get protection for my Minecraft server. What I would need to do? And what I need to get in order to protect my Minecraft server securely from attacks and such other things. I was looking at the gaming Cloudflare solution and I was wondering if I could get more information/explanation on it as to how it works.

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I’ve looked through some of them. Can’t seem to find the answers I need. I’m new to Cloudflare. Im trying to find a guide of sort to help me setup a cloudflare for my mc server because ive been getting ddossed and bot spammed. I used to have a friend who’d setup cloudflare for me along time ago maybe like 2 years ago but can’t seem to reach out to him so I decided to do it on my own. But just need a little guide or sort to help me set it up so i dont have my server being ddosed or spammed with bots. Any help is appreciated.

Unless you’re on an Enterprise plan, Cloudflare doesn’t proxy Minecraft traffic.

Hmm ok, how the Enterprise plan work and how much does it cost?

Spectrum lets you proxy any type of TCP/UDP connection on the Enterprise plan, but Enterprise is priced in the thousands per month range.

I spoke with a support agent regarding this and they said their Magic transit/Spectrum plans BEGIN at $10000usd/month

Holy thats a price hefty price. Any other alternatives because I’m not making enough money to afford something like that monthly?

Use a better host, OVH have extremely good ddos protection by default, they have a good reputation for hosting game servers

Hmm ok, well i am using ovh right now.

Good timing!


Yep – here’s the landing page for it: Cloudflare Spectrum accelerates and protects your Minecraft server

It’s available starting $20/month on our Pro plan for data up to 5 GB/ month; Business plan gets you up to 10 GB/ month (besides other benefits of the plan – 24x7 chat support, 100% uptime SLA, etc.)

My take is you get 5GB traffic per month for free on a Pro Plan you’re already paying $20/month for. Then $1 per each GB over your free allowance. Correct?

That is correct. If you’re already on the Pro plan, there is no additional charge for up to 5 GB per month. Usage over 5 GB per month is $1 per GB.
Free limit similarly on the Business plan is 10 GB.

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Sounds great, I’ll have a talk with one of my other friend who owns the server with me.

To be fair, taking into account how much bandwidth a Minecraft server can use, the current deals are beyond un-affordable for the people it initially was.

However, for SSH I can see it being quite useful.

I’ve been curious about this. How much data per hour does a single user require?

There is no fixed amount :sweat_smile:, it depends heavily on what the server does.
However, each player “consumes” up to 20 ticks per second on the server, meaning that can send to each client up to 20 packets per second.
Here you can see the protocol, it is quite simple and even thought it has compression, CPU wise that is heavy for many servers.
Overall, most medium sized servers use a couple of TBs monthly

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This just doesn’t make any sense to me. Why do they even bother with the ‘free’ 5GB limit with the amount of data only a handful of users use?

Even more confusing is the ‘concurrent connections’ listed in their knoweldgebase here - What does mean? Is it the maximum amount of connections to a Minecraft server you can have at once? If so, why do you only get 100 with the Business plan? There’s no server that would be able to pay $200/mo for the Business plan but only need 100 connections at once to their server.


Spectrum is until now a product that is rather aimed at enterprise customers, the “trial” is useful for those who want to protect their SSH.
Using it on a medium sized server will make your bandwidth be drained within hours or a day, a couple of days ago we tested it and just one user loading on a “normal” chunk would cost 13mb, this means that 100 users connecting to your server would use 1.3gb just for the fact of connecting.
On enterprise plans there is a pro ratio where the bandwidth is obviously much more cheap, but you get what I mean, what we have is rather a demo or an utility for ssh access.