Getting 500 errors

Hey! Im pointing my hostgator site to Cloudflare due to free SSL and faster performance but recently I have struggled with 500 error messages… This appears on several domains…

I have contacted Hostgator but since I have updated the DNS to Cloudflare server, they don’t take any responsibility, What Can I do to fix this error?

I have got the messages on several domains

Please give me two to three minutes while I look into this for you.


May I know why both domain names is pointed with Cloudflare?

because I have free SSL from them

You need to contact them to check the issue for you. The domain name is not registered and pointed with us: Whois

We have no control for this error as both domain name is not using our name servers.

so it must be their fault?

No Trond. This thing or issue is with the dns. If the content is with us but the domain dns is pointed elsewhere it won’t work.


I will try to contact them then

Stop using Hostgator. But seriously, 500 errrors are your server not responding to Cloudflare. If you have access to your logs there, see if anything turns up.

Theoretically HostGator is a Cloudflare partner…

If using a DNS based proxy doesn’t work I may need to find a new job…

I was checking the hostgator logs… I get plenty of "[Tue Jun 05 09:34:17 2018] [error] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:641: Could not execute script “” lots of the same errors appear at the same time…

Google turns up many results for:
SoftException in Application.cpp could not execute script

Many of them due to file permission errors. I’d bug Hostgator again and show them those errors.

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