Export, Import, and Print Cloudflare Data

Recommend Cloudflare add the following capabilities to its website:

(1) Ability to display and print a summary of client’s website (Cloudflare) information (*)

(2) Ability to export, import, and print client’s website DNS Records and Page Rules (*)

(*) Useful if on-boarding a new website or data is lost.

Looking forward to input from other Cloudflare users and Cloudflare’s client support team!

+1 to all of these.

An export and import would be extremely useful.

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  1. I believe you can get a lot by API
  2. Not sure about export but I’m pretty sure you can import BIND compliant DNS zone file

@komarEX you can export a BIND file from Cloudflare as well.

There are a couple of libraries/scripts available which can be used to export settings:

https://github.com/gds-attic/Cloudflare-configure/ (hasn’t been updated in a while)
https://github.com/rmg/Cloudflare-backup (backup DNS)

And a good Python library if anyone is interested: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Cloudflare/1.5.1


No need to complicate things at the front-end level for those who are not programmers, coders, etc. All that is being asked is for CF to integrate the enhancements with simple buttons (export, import, and print). At the back-end level, we’ll let the CF gurus do their magic.

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Fair enough. It’s a good request and I’ve passed it along to the product team. I have a habit of trying to solve the problem ‘right now’ which isn’t always the most useful response. :wink:


@cscharff: Yep. It’s tempting to do that! I do the same more often than not. Thank you.

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I had a similar desire, so I wrote some PHP code that exports the “all settings” api endpoint and also lists out the firewall rules. If anyone wants to use it and doesn’t use Drupal, the main pieces are in the file chotchkie.drush.inc


Good Day, @cscharff!

What’s the latest on this? An update from your development team would be appreciated.

These features can be used now by the entire Cloudflare community.

Thank you!

Another vote for this feature.

Please suggest we have any plans to integrate in Cloudflare?

Getting bind files or DNS records are easy from Cloudflare, the APi is easy. Page rules aren’t close to easy… I would love to see a good example of using the API to export all of the page rules and then importing them back into another zone.

Hi @cscharff,

I’m back … hahaha.

Hey, where does CF stand with this (adding export, import, and print buttons)?

We’re on the stands watching this. Popcorn is running low.


No button, but we do now have a better/supported way to export your current config now.



What is the reason for not providing these “buttons” (or similar front-end functionality)?

Remember, we’re not developers, so the Terraforming approach doesn’t seem to help at all.

Simplicity and performing the requested functions at the front-end (not back end) would be helpful.

Thank you!

I don’t think it’s a question of not providing this functionality, rather there’s a (very long) list of things we can build and it’s prioritized based on a lot of different criteria across individual teams and the company as a whole. And having looked at the scope/effort/value of the particular feature it hasn’t yet made it to the bar where the work has been prioritized.

For perspective at the moment we’ve had Cloudflare registrar live for over a year and still don’t have the ability for a customer to buy a net new domain through Cloudflare. Obviously a feature that provides value, but in the list of things which need to be done for registrar, as prioritized by the folks trusted to make decisions on what needs to be done next, it hasn’t yet hit that bar.

Today we have an import function for BIND files which is, all things considered, a pretty simple function, but I can tell you I’ve spent hours in total debugging why a particular BIND file won’t parse. Import logic, file formatting, error handling, long term maintenance as new features are added has a very real cost associated with it far beyond just adding a button.

I don’t have any particular insight into this feature’s prioritization (I’m not a developer or on the product team but I’ve been helping to build SaaS solutions for ~= 20 years so just speaking to the situation generally). For the moment Terraform integration is the best solution we have and the one we’ve prioritized spending resources on.