Error 502 - API Request Failed


Hi there,

I can’t access the tools on my Dashboard due to the above error.
Pleas kindly advise.

Kind regards,


A 502 is your server not responding to Cloudflare. Sometimes it’s a firewall issue and you need to whitelist Cloudflare’s IP addresses.


Is this Cloudflare’s dashbaord? There was a short blip this morning (US) for some users that appears to be resolved. Otherwise @sdayman is on the right track.


I believe it’s the same issue as here: API Request Failed, and other errors (all over...)

Should be solved now.


I experienced this yesterday evening (around 10pm UTC )as well. But only for one of my domains.


For me it was everything, but it was solved in a few minutes. Contacted Support before though, had too many issues with the dashboard lately :disappointed:


Thank you for sorting this one out. All seem to be working fine for now.