API Request Failed, and other errors (all over...)


it seems I’m unable to successfully access any page in my Cloudflare account, getting errors such as the following ones:

It happens on basically all the sections, with all my domains, so I assume there’s something seriously wrong server-side.
The errors may also change depending on the page, like:

Please advise.
Thank you and best regards,


Error 502 - API Request Failed

Would you mind retrying, I saw them a few hours ago, but have since disappeared?

Otherwise the best option would be to contact support at supportATcloudflareDOTcom or through the page support.cloudflare.com, this is something the Engineering would have to look at.


Apparently now it works as expected – it was scary, yet temporary :slight_smile:
Thank you,



Yeah, it happens… There was an issue with one of my domains that prevented billing changes and it went on for about a month/month and a half! It was disheartening.

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