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Hi everyone, I have a problem with Cloudflare and my website. Sometimes, the homepage, just the home page, goes down with the error: ERR.wrong redirect or ERR too many redirects (uptime robot says Root cause: ## Connection Timeout).
The error is only on the home page, all the other pages work and also the admin page. To solve this, I have to access Cloudflare, enable development mode, and purge the cache, and usually after a minute, the home is again online.

There’s something I can do to solve this problem?

also another error is “ERR_INVALID_REDIRECT”

Make sure to set your SSL to Full strict. More info is here:

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thanks a lot for the reply, i use really simple SSL plugin, and i have no idea on how to modify to “Strict” :sleepy:

HTTP Strict Transport Security ​​is a Pro feature of this pluugin “really simple SSL”, should i buy it just for this (39$) or i can do for my self?

Stay away from HSTS until you get this other issue resolved.

HSTS is only for making sure people always use HTTPS to connect to your site, but that’s not helpful if you site is not yet working properly.

When that time comes, you don’t need to pay for it. You can set it for free here:

Again…not yet. Fix the redirect issue first.


oh sorry, i thought that was the same issue @sdayman

I believe the suggestion was for you to set SSL mode to Full Strict, which is a Cloudflare feature you can set by visiting Cloudflare Dashboard > SSL/TLS panel.

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Thanks a lot, I didn’t understand completely what I have to do @cbrandt

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