Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS

Try the suggestions in this Community Tip to help you fix ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS.

If your SSL setting on the SSL/TLS app is Flexible and if your origin server is configured to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS, server responses back to Cloudflare are encrypted. Since Cloudflare is expecting HTTP traffic, it keeps resending the same request, resulting in a redirect loop. This causes browsers to display “The page isn’t redirecting properly” or “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” errors.

Dedicated SSL

Quick Fix Ideas

  1. Remove the HTTPS redirects in your origin server.
  • Use this command to see the redirect on your origin server:
    curl -ksvo /dev/null --connect-to ::MY_ORIGIN_IP 2>&1 | egrep -i "< location|< http"
  • Replace MY_ORIGIN_IP with the IP shown on the A record of your DNS app, replace with your domain name.)
  • If you see < HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently when you cURL to the origin IP, you know you have a redirect in place. You should see < HTTP/1.1 200 OK once you remove that origin redirect.
  • You can use the same cURL command to test against the Cloudflare edge using the public IP of your site, find that using $ ping If you have set to Always use https, you’ll receive a reply of HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently showing the redirect is in place.
  1. To ensure all requests between the browser and Cloudflare are encrypted, you can use an Always Use HTTPS page rule and that way avoid a redirect loop.

  2. If you host a Wordpress site, read about potential issues with Flexible SSL.

  3. Enable Full or Full (Strict) mode. Learn more about all the SSL options available through Cloudflare.

Lite Reading

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Help Center

Research The Issue

If You Need More Help
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