Cloudflare Images

With Cloudflare Images, you don’t need to worry about creating and storing multiple versions of the same image in different sizes and formats. Cloudflare Images makes a clear distinction between your stored images and the variants. Once you upload an image, you can apply any defined variant to the uploaded image. The variants and different formats don’t count towards your stored images quota.

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  1. does this service mean that we can offload images from the Media folder of a Wp/Woo website and server them directly from cloudflare, downsizing our server usage?
  2. is there a WP/Woo plugin, or a tutorial that would help properly setting up the images through cloudlfare links instead of uploading them to local Media folder?

Thank you for answers.

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When will we be able to signup for the Images service. Right now, my Images section of the dashboard just shows

Images is an image platform that allows you to store, resize and deliver images affordably. Contact Cloudflare Support to get started.

However, there don’t seem to be any support options for Images yet.

I finally got help from the support team.

Whenever I change “fit” and “metadata” options, it keeps the default one. Cannot use “Cover” or anything else than “Scale Down”.
Please have a look at this.

It would be great if it has folder options to category and store images like S3 with proper management structure.

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Is it possible to upload multiple images with Director Creator Upload url? I have no problem uploading a single image, however if I send multiple images, let’s say as “files”, this does not work. Am I missing something or does this feature not exist?

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