Uploading multiple files to a direct creator upload

This has been asked but not answered: I’m trying to understand how to use the direct creator upload url to upload multiple images at once. It seems like, as is, it’s only intended to accept a single image, and then it expires. Is that correct? Is the expectation that we generate a new url for every image a single user might want to upload?

Hey there, I never got a direct answer, but yes that’s how it would work. You would need a director URL for each image you’re uploading, which I don’t think is very efficient for multiple uploads especially when you’re using something like Uppy and you need to make a server call for each image. Other alternative is you get your image count and generate all the urls in one request (1 call to your server; multiple director upload calls to CF)

Also note, there doesn’t seem to be away to access the original image, just the variant. Which is weird, but it is fairly new so hopefully the make improvements.

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We provide API to export the image: https://developers.cloudflare.com/images/cloudflare-images/export-image.

For most images this will be the originally uploaded file. For larger images it can be a near-lossless version of the original.