Can't add a payment method : Internal Server Error (Code: 1000)


I try to add a credit card to my account but everytime I enter my card info I get a : Internal Server Error (Code: 1000)

I tried 2 differents card… What can I do ?

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Send that error message in a ticket to Cloudflare Customer support.

We have the same issue and the statement from Cloudflare support is that they are too busy at this time, because they had billing system maintenance 2 weeks ago and something went wrong, so this is not the only problem. It does not seems to be solved it the near future. Only alternative is to pay via Paypal account.

I just tried Paypal same Code: 1000 error ! Too bad…

Same here :-/

Same here - my payment info vanished and I can’t add anything new on.

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This is still not resolved. Attempting to add a credit card results in “Internal Server Error (Code: 1000)”. Frustrating.


I have the same problem. Tried a few times, without any better result. (error 1000).
Somebody can help on this ?

@c.burtin did the issue get resolved for you? I have been facing the same for the last 2 days with my valid credit cards and Paypal.

When i add my credit card details and submit,
Getting error : status 400,message: there is an issue with credit card information entered. Review and try again. (Code:1000)

I see that Cloudflare is upgrading the billing system, but no information on how long.

Any information would help.


i am getting the same error, any one please?

Also getting this error

Can’t get PayPal to work either. Is there a work around for this? Trying to switch over my domain registration.

Same error here.
I can’t add my card.

Did any one find a solution?

This is crazy - how is this still an issue? All I want to do is add a card to pay for something!

I have the same problem. Crazy - how can I pay?

Yeah, I am having the same problem.

Entered in my credit card info 5 times and every time I hit “confirm” it reloads to a blank form. I am considering take my domain elsewhere because it’s unacceptable that this has gone unaddressed for so long. Can’t even contact a support number to speak with a real person.

Hi walkley96,
Have you sent a ticket to [email protected] at this time, if so please let me know and I can ensure that you have a reply with the details of the error you are seeing?

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