Browser full refresh button


I’d like a Firefox add-on that clears CF’s cache for whatever page I’m on. Images, javascripts, css, even HTML if it’s cached.
The idea is based on…
… which is awesome BTW.

The use case is saving us a boatload of time while working on sites. As a developer, I can make a change at the origin and “Full Refresh” to clear not only my browser cache but also CF’s cache of that page. I then get fresh content from the origin.
No monkeying around with Development Mode or Purging.
Of course the button would have to be aware if we’re logged into CF or not. Probably a lot of other nuances as well.

Also see:


That is probably not even necessary. Simply use the API.


I’m looking to streamline work. Managing CF sometimes gets in the way. It would be nice to simply press the Reload button in the browser’s toolbar when making a simple change for a client.


I dont think it should be too difficult to incorportate Cloudflare’s API into an extension.


Oh I see what you meant now. Unfortunately I’m a web dev, not a native coder. Hopefully someone will stumble upon the idea here and go with it.


Well, browser extensions are pretty web-ish and since Mozilla went full-Google and switched over to their extension platform, they are even pretty unified across browsers.

If you are familiar with JavaScript it should not take too long to get into webextension development.


@jules Just came across something of that sort. Unfortunately they have only released it for Chrome so far, but considering Firefox now uses an almost identical extension interface, porting it might be relatively easy

Of course it requires your Cloudflare credentials, so I’d proceed with caution but - being a JavaScript extension - the source code is naturally out in the open and they also published it at