Auto purge upon disabling Dev Mode



Can you make it so that leaving Development Mode automatically clears the cache? Or perhaps make that a setting on a per-domain basis?

I can’t tell you how many times I work in Development Mode, then disable it, and wonder why everything I worked on reverted.

Allow us to order the features in our dashboard
Browser full refresh button

Would a simple reminder to purge cache be helpful at all?


That’s better than nothing I suppose.

Aren’t we always going to have to purge something after dev mode, every time?

The only reason I can see not purging automatically after disabling dev mode, is to only purge certain URLs. Weighed against convenience though… I’d go for auto purge.

Personally I never purge individual URLs. I usually work on many resources at a time so it’s not efficient for my workflow.
Do you have stats to see the % of purges that are not full?


I don’t, but someone here probably does (or is able to retrieve them). I’ll ask around, but in the meantime can you (and anyone else interested in this feature) share some info on how often this comes up and how much of a pain point it is.


Oh, daily. Several times a day. I have 40 sites on CF. I don’t touch each one every day, but odds are at least once a day.


Thanks. That helps!


Well, it happened today already =)


Any news regarding this?


For my part, this is definitely something I’d like to see, it’s a huge pain when you forget and users start getting outdated content again. My thought would be a “Disable and clear cache” button beside the regular “Disable” development mode switch.

No changes in the API would be needed, if you are using the API you can probably make two calls as easily as one.