Adding subdomain to CloudFlare

I have my domain pointed to Cloudflare DNS. It is propogated.

Last week, I created a new subdomain. According to my hosting provider, the subdomain is pointed to Cloudflare DNS as well. I looked in every possible page/setting on my registrar domain page for DNS and can ONLY find the DNS nameservers for my domain, nothing regarding my subdomain.

I went to Add a Website in my Cloudflare account, but it says do not add subdomains, only the main domain. I assume there has to be a way for me to add the subdomain under my main domain account. How do I add my subdomain to Cloudflare???

Thank you!


Can you post the domain and the record you created? Possibly also screenshots.

To create a subdomain, in the DNS tab, you add a record with the name of the subdomain, pointing to your host. They will specify whether it needs to be an A record or CNAME etc. And give you the content of the record.


Thanks. My domain is My newly created subdomain is a working test environment. So the name of the record would be “” with DNS settings pointed to my host (Namecheap) servers?

The domain is properly set up, however that particular host record does not exist. You’d need to follow @domjh’s instructions to create that record on Cloudflare.

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Those settings would be correct if you add that record.

I added the A record and CNAME record per instruction from my hosting provider Namecheap, however the subdomain still is not active. Namecheap is saying it may have to do with the SSL certificate and to enable it on to FULL mode, which it already is for my main domain Stuck…any thoughts?

The host does exist now, but loading the page returns a 500, which most likely comes straight from your server. I’d check the server logs.

i’m also facing the same problem for my subdomain whereas my main domain is live and accessible

Then you need to follow the same instructions.

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