Rerouting a subdomain to Cloudflare

I’ve got a domain called that I’m rerouting through Cloudflare using Fruition so I can connect the portfolio I’ve built in Everything is great, but now I’ve decided I want to create multiple versions of the same portfolio and connect them to subdomains so I can cater the content to specific companies/jobs. I can create a pretty link like as shown in the Fruition video, but I want the sub to be in front.

I’ve got a subdomain created on Bluehost called, but I can’t figure out what to do next. I think I need to do something in the DNS based on this person’s plea for the same kind of help](Adding subdomain to CloudFlare - #8 by sandro), but this is all foreign to me.

Is this enough to go on for someone here to help me figure out what I need to do?

Hi @katherine.roehrich,

Yes, you will need a DNS record pointing to wherever the content for that subdomain is hosted.

For example if it’s on a traditional server, you would need to add an A record with the subdomain as the name and the IP address of the server as the content. Some providers would ask you to create a CNAME record pointing to one of their hostnames. Either way, you will need to get the required record from your provider and then add that here at Cloudflare.

Hopefully that helps, let us know if you get the instructions from your provider and need more specific help.

Thanks for responding, can you clarify whether it’s possible to link to subdomains on the free version of Cloudflare? Do I have to have the enterprise version?

As far as Cloudflare is concerned, subdomains are just a case of adding DNS records which you can do on any plan, including Free.

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