500 Proxy Error

After I get this Error I have Cleared the all the Cache, but the problem persist. My host provider says the problem is here - in Cloudflare because I have reddirection of the servers. I was having also the Authenticication Error Code 10000 this morning, but after Log out and re-login - this is ok now. But the site is unreachable. Please give me advise. Thanks and Regards!

Edit - the site is https://fifoza.com :slight_smile:

Your site isn’t going through Cloudflare right now, and does not have a proper SSL certificate. It’s assigned to webmail.fifoza.com and webdisk.fifoza.com.

As for the 500 error:

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Yes, it isn’t. Because I have been searched solution from 6-8 hours and no help from nowhere. That’s why I have reversed the servers to my host company for this web addres. I can not stay without any light in the tunnel and without a website. Now I am waiting the DNS records to refresh and to get the correct SSL.

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