WordPress Upload

I am trying upload via plug-in upload on my wordpress admin panel a plugin.

I keep getting the block message from cloudflare.


  1. I paused cloudflare but stile get the message (does it take time for CloudFlare to disable?)
  2. Is there a way to give access to this upload?

Thank you.

You didn’t specify which block message, but if an action is blocked, it should show up in Firewall Event Log with the rule that blocked access.

How do I access the firewall event log?

Please see attached to see the error.

Pausing Cloudflare takes time because it requires DNS update and propagate globally, typically takes few minutes, but it may take a few hours.

As what @sdayman said, the blocked traffic should show up in Firewall Event log.

Ok, you can start filter for WAF-blocked traffic. If you can find out the Ray ID in the blocked page then even better - you can straight filter for that specific Ray ID.

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