Wordpress Multisite Cloudflare


We have a multisite Wordpress under bilbaoexhibitioncentre.com domain, I am installing the Cloudflare plugin, and activating it to whole netword wordpress.

Is necesary to activate it to whole Wordpress network or to each subdomain - sub site individually?

Is necesary to login in each subdomain individually?


Hello @jrgarcia

I’m not expert on Wordpress multi-site integration but if your multi-sites are still belonging to your root DNS domain, i’d say that you can just activate it globally with your CF zone information (if wordpress can use the config of a specific plugin and repercute it to all the other websites).
Then, in Cloudflare, you need to make sure that all of your subdomains are existing and Orange-Clouded, and then you can manage the configuration of those subdomains thru our Dashboard if you need to append any global configuration.


In Cloudflare, seems the configuration is global, the configuration for bilbaoexhibitioncentre.com is for pin.bilbaoexhibitioncentre.com, epa.bilbaoexhibitioncentre.com and the otehr N subdomains.

Is correct that if I ask to purge the cache in a subdomain purge the complete Domain?


Yes, in Cloudflare the configuration is global (if you’re not appeding the global configuration with the page rules). If you want to purge you’ve different ways to do so: