Wordpress API Login Button is Not Work


I have register a Cloudflare Free Account and added my site to C.Flare panel. Installed Cloudflare wordpress plugin on my site. I entered the necessary information and click “Save API Credentials” button but button is not work.

I looked at the browser source. When i click the button, an error occurs as follows:

TypeError: t.body is null

action USER_LOGIN @ IP ADDRESS compiled.js:35:131383

action USER_LOGIN_ERROR @ 13:51:57.862 compiled.js:35:131383

I’ve tried the following solutions:

  • Try different browsers
  • Deactivate all plugins
  • Deactivate DNS Root’s
  • Remove plugin and re-install

but this button still not work :confused:

I don’t have much of a solution other than to try to avoid third party Cloudflare integrations if you can help it. It’s always “one more thing that might break.”

All the features you get through third party you can access directly in your Cloudflare account.

Since I don’t use that plugin, I can only guess it’s asking for an email address and API key. Did you use the email address you use to log into your Cloudflare account? Plus the Global API Key from your Cloudflare profile?

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