WordPress Admin-page speed



Since adding cloudflare to my wordpress site, my admin page is extremely slow and continuously timing out. What can I do to correct this situation?


Hey there. You (most likely) need to add a Page Rule for wp-admin to bypass cache. Check out this video around the 3:30 mark

Wordpress Admin area loads slow

For easy reference, I am sharing a screenshot of the Page Rule suggested in the video for the WP Admin area -

Page rule for WordPress admin

Do you use Railgun?
Try to turn off Railgun first and then clear cache
Is it still slow or timing out?


Thank you, but I have already done this. Could there be something else?
Mary Ann


You should also review the the tips @junade put together in this KB article. They may be helpful.


Same problem. Page rule has not helped yet.


I am having the same problem … managed WP with godaddy, cloudflare plugin, page rule to skip /wp-admin* but still doesn’t work. Site is running fine but wp-admin is painfully slow or non-responsive. If I remove Cloudflare then all is nice and fast again… Free cloudflare account but I am more that willing to pay if that is the solution


I don’t believe you should need to have a paid plan to improve this. Probably best to submit a detailed report to support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support so they can look at what’s happening.


Thanks for the suggestion, appreciate it. Though it seems that WPML might be causing this so I am in contact with them now. Turning WPML off puts WP-admin back to normal. I have a copy using DesktopServer and there all is good, but coupled with Cloudflare online then it doesn’t work, but WPML seem to have had this problem before so hopefully they have a solution (if not then I’ll just scrap WPML).