Woocommerce Problem With Cloudflare

My woocommerce cart is not updating when products are added or deleted from cart. I bought the 5 page rules more package to add the ajax* rule but same problem. I disable rocket loader and same problem.

Please help with the right page rules and settings to get woocommerce working properly on my site. thank you.

It sounds like something’s getting cached when it shouldn’t be.

Can you post a screenshot of the rules you’re using?

please see ovo.li

That last rule for Cache Everything is definitely the problem. I’m not sure why the ajax rule would fix this, as…(and I’m not a WooCommerce expert)…the HTML of that page is getting cached, regardless of any ajax bypass.

Where did you see that adding an ajax bypass would prevent the WC portions of your page from being cached by the Cache Everything rule?


I don’t see any mention of bypass for ajax. Those are instructions for Business and Enterprise plan customers. Are you on one of those plans?

no I’m not. i am on the free plan with 5 extra page rules.

I just deleted the cache everything rule and the woocommerce cart is not updating properly when I deleted an item.

I deleted the cache everything rule and add page rules to bypass cache on my cart and account pages etc. The cart seems to work now. I hope this permanently solves the problem

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