Why always

Already a month, from the day of registration at the CF, almost all static resources return 429! There are no problems with hosting - 100%.
RateLimt promoted - nothing has changed. What to do?
Look at the screenshot, the resources are very few, but it gives errors

That’s coming from your host…definitely not from Cloudflare. This often happens because visitors all come through Cloudflare data centers which make it seem like a high number of hits come from just a few IP addresses.

What is the URL for that page?

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429 means “too many requests” - as said above, your host is rate-limiting Cloudflare since almost all requests are coming from a small set of IP addresses.

You should ask your host to whitelist Cloudflare IP addresses, and/or restore visitor IPs.

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This is the admin panel page, I can not show it.

On all pages of the site (https://macotor.com) I had to transfer all the pictures to imgur.com because the site could not be used

contact your website host’s support

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