Where is Error Log

I’m getting an error on my worker and it only happens when I access it directly and not through the editor. When I get this error it says " you should login to Cloudflare and check the error logs for mydomain.com"

The thing is I cannot find error logs anywhere!
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I’ve never heard of such a thing. Though they might be referring to a possible error log in the Editor, which isn’t going to help in your case since the Editor version is working.

Maybe @KentonVarda has some troubleshooting tips.

I was getting Error 1101 found the Debugging Tips page and it said it was a Javascript error. Then in the preview editor I noticed a message about caching not working in the editor so this made me wonder… I was calling cache.match and cache.put.

Once I removed the caching calls it started working so I’m guessing that it’s the caching elements of my script. Thought is either I need to pay more (only using Free Tier to try it out) or the code itself is wrong.

To confirm it fails on let cacheResponse = await cache.match(cacheKey);

cache var is set using let cache = caches.default;

Would it be an issue sharing the code here?

If you use the Workers editor there’s a console that will show you error details. What’s cacheKey?

If you look at my initial question, it worked fine in Editor as cache is disabled in there. My company have splashed out for a business account now so seeing if that makes a difference!

BTW I’m loving this community, very helpful thank you