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**I use an older web browser that I like for a specific website. The website now uses the Cloudflare verification. The browser will not load the webpage even though I gave permissions on the browser to do so. Not to show disrespect but the Cloudflare verification is doodoo! AND just to contact support at Cloudflare one has to sign up for access and even then one gets this community sounding board which I doubt will be of any help-----they never are

What does this mean? Is there an error message? What does the euros say? What website is it? How have you determined it is a Cloudflare issue?

Perhaps you should contact the website owner then. Their configuration and management of services related to it is something they choose and configure.


No error message----just circles----sometimes it shows “security by Cloudflare”—don’t know what euros is (European money?)
Connection Speed is: 491.76 Mbps Upload is 27.13 Mbps
See below pic:

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You aren’t likely to find much support for Windows XP or Waterfox Classic. The former is very likely to contain unpatched security vulnerabilities and the latter definitely does by the project’s own acknowledgement.

Any site that performs a Cloudflare Browser Integrity Check is unlikely to permit you access.


I understand. I do use Windows 7 because I cannot endure newer versions of Windows. Nor do I like alternative operating systems. I just thought there might be a work around or patch that Cloudflare might have the wisdom and forethought made available to users like me. I guess not, they just have tunnel vision like all the other security minded —holes out there.
Thanks for your replies.

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Your screenshot does not show Windows 7.

It shows Windows XP, which was abandoned by Microsoft 15 years ago.

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Sorry…it’s the WindowBlinds program I use. Covers up the ugly colors and graphics I don’t like.

You can certainly ask the website operator to reduce their level of security or create specific bypasses for you. Cloudflare provides toolkits, their customers choose how to implement them.


GEE Thanks------------I’ll try that approach.

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