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My team and I are expecting a large amount of traffic in the next coming weeks and want to make sure we can handle the traffic. We expect 1000+ users to our site. We heard Cloudflare has a tool that allows developers to perform and load tests or stress tests on their sites. Does anyone know where or how to perform these tests?

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May I ask would this be a DDoS test attack simulation or rather “normal traffic” generated by some tool like ab (ApacheBench) etc.?:


Cloudflare shields against such services as they would normally detect as DDoS, as @fritex mentioned there are guidelines you have to follow if you still want to test a “DDoS” against your site when you are using Cloudflare and you don’t want the requests immediately to be blocked. But Cloudflare AFAIK does not have any service to test any load on your origin.

There are other services like:

But if you are already using Cloudflare, Cloudflare will immediately catch up and block these as they are DDoS, you will have to open a support ticket and inform Cloudflare staff about, so they can “ignore” this to let it pass to your origin.

Easier would be specified your real origin IP at and let them directly DDoS your server without Cloudflare in between. That would test your server directly.

Hint: if you cache somewhat good (best would be statically) 1000+ simultaneous users should not be any problem at all.


Thank you for your quick response, this would be a simulation to test normal traffic.

Thank you for your insight, I will reach out to Cloudflare and try out

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