Website extremely slow using Cloudflare

Hi, from about a month, all my websites using cloudflare became extremely slow. We have many photos and the download takes over 30 seconds. Disabling CF the download time is 3/4 seconds.
We are paying the PRO version, but with this performances we will stop it.

Do you have the same Problem from other Connections as well or only from your Connection?
Does this happen in another Browser as well?
When you dont mind to share it, what is your Domain, so others can look into it as well

The problem is visible with any borwser and any internet connection. Not only from my office.
The domain is

That site loaded quite quickly for me, and I am seeing the photos get cached correctly. Where is the site hosted?

What is your COLO when you visit ?

The Site loaded quickly for me as well which is surprising when i look at the Amount of Images. I also get a lot of Cloudflare HITs so thats alright. A Test with GTMetrix was Ok: Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix

This is what we see from Italy (with 200Mbit connection):


Same problem on

That’s strange because MXP is indeed in Italy, does this happen on your mobile connection too? I suspect it’s an ISP issue with the connection to that COLO

We have been using cloudflare for some time. Until last month everything was perfect. Recently, especially the download of images, it has become very slow, both from fixed and mobile connections, with different operators.

I don’t think a connection problem, but slow bandwidth from MXP:

Traccia instradamento verso []
su un massimo di 30 punti di passaggio:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 * * * Richiesta scaduta.
3 5 ms 5 ms 8 ms
4 5 ms 5 ms 5 ms
5 5 ms 5 ms 6 ms
6 16 ms 17 ms 17 ms
7 17 ms 18 ms *
8 18 ms 23 ms 24 ms
9 42 ms 28 ms 43 ms
10 25 ms 25 ms 25 ms
11 24 ms 25 ms 22 ms

A Test from Italy (Here) shows nothing out of the Order. Load Times are normal. So its strange that you getting this slow Load times.
When nobody else has a Idee i would say its best to contact Cloudflare Support and tell them your Problem. Also leave a Link to this Thread in your Ticket and add the Ticket Number here so that someone from the Cloudflare Community Team can make sure the right Support Department ist looking at the Problem

I think Cloudflare would route you to another COLO if MXP was at capacity, but I can’t speak for them

I think you should make a ticket, include all the helpful debug information you have listed, one more useful thing would be to get the cf-ray header for one of those slow requests

I think that the problem is intermittent, this test from Italy (WebPageTest Test Details - Milan : - 03/05/21 14:11:33) shows a load time of 11s for a single jpg image (about 30k/sec… welcome in 1995).

I don’t find where to open a ticket, can you help me ?

In this moment I see the site very slow, and I am routed to CGD COLO… I think that MXP is at capacity.

Sorry, CDG

The slow images in your test are coming from France. So maybe there is a Problem with the MXP Colo. You can create a ticket at the Bottom here:

Your images are insanely large one image is 2,817 KB in size ! You should aim for total page size and images < 400-1200KB. Just that image would of blow your page speed budget!

running image through at 80% quality reduces size by 76% to 656KB

at 70% quality reduces size by 81% and 530KB

locally optimized image resized at 1400x788 at 70% image quality would be only 280KB ! That is 1/10th the size of the original image ! :sunglasses:

resized at 1050x591 at 70% would be only 150KB !

Cloudflare Pro and higher plans Polish and webP might not be able to help with such large images as my local webP conversion has image larger than original so Polish might skip webP auto conversion. But looks like you do not have Polish enabled anyway. I’d try enabling Polish and webP and see.

The gist of it is use smaller images or pick a more optimal image that can be optimised and still look good for your site style. Usually my budget for image sizes is <50-150KB and ideally under 25-50KB. An example is the 57KB image you posted at Website extremely slow using Cloudflare - #6 by andrea.dalessandro can be optimised to be just 26KB


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