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My website is still crushed since I’ve changed the nameservers on GoDaddy. I waited for 48 hours hoping it will reconfigure, but it still hasn’t. Not only the entire content of my website has disappeared, but it also affected my email services. I can’t receive emails for 2 days now. I also have been locked out of my Wordpress account and I can’t download and activate the certificate. Needless to say that my website is not secure. My website is
Can anyone help me, please?

It looks super-close. The only issue is that there is a Mixed Content warning. It’s a safe bet that your site was not properly configured for HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare.

It has been over a week now, but my website is still not loading as it should and it is slower than before. I also have activated the certificate, yet the site is still “not secure”.
How long does it take to get a website back to normal again?

Looks great, I don’t see the mixed content issue from a few days ago.

If you’re still seeing an error, clear browser cache, try an incognito window, try from mobile, or try a different browser.

I’m not seeing Mixed Content, either.

My first connection today was a normal speed, but a second connection took 30 seconds for your server to respond. Other pages are also slow to respond, but did improve in subsequent visits.

Do you have a caching plugin installed? For simplicity, I like WP Fastest Cache. This should pre-generate the page content so connections will be faster.

This is what I’m seeing.

TLDR: For now, use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview section of the Cloudflare dashboard. This will let you step back a bit and regroup. Give it five minutes to take effect.

You can kind of ignore the following, as there may be other issues to resolve first.

Try clearing your browser’s cache, as it looks to be a localized issue…at least on that page. I just found another page with Mixed Content.

I still have difficulty getting your site to load, and global tests are failing to connect.

As for mail, that’s completely hosted by Google, and the DNS records for that look correct.

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