Website Authentication Errors After email change

I just updated my user account’s email address and the account name and now when I log in the entire site is broken. Every tab within the page gives an authentication error. Most of them are error 10000. I’ve tried multiple computers, logging out and back in, over cellular network to rule out my local IP being an issue. I would be willing to sign up for a business account just to get support except the site won’t even work well enough for me to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Would you share the error shots? What’s the domain?

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You can see a screenshot of the error here. It’s just a red bar at the bottom of the browser. As I change through the pages that bar will continue to pop up. Often saying “Authentication Error (Code: 10000)”

It’s effecting my entire account. I have probably 10 domains but none of them even list when I log in.