Video Streaming

On cloudflare stream application, can I setup RTMP streaming server for real time/live streaming? If yes, what should be the procedure.

I really appriciate your help.


This isn’t possible with CF stream, which is purely a video hosting+transcoding+player product with no current capability for live streams.

But it is probably possible with Stream Delivery, however, this is an Enterprise option so not many people on this forum have first-hand knowledge of how it works. I’m not sure if it’s even a product, outside of being what you need to not violate section 2.8 of CF’s TOS.

Thanks Judge for your quick & clear reply.

I have another question, Is it possible to get .mp4 or any other similar format instead of getting an iframe link, to use with our codes?


You don’t get an mp4 link since simply streaming an mp4 video isn’t efficient in comparison to a HLS or dash stream. You can either use CF Stream player or another player that supports loading HLS or dash manifests. See above.