Using Cloudflare CDN + HTTPS with Google Cloud Storage


I’m trying to figure out how to get my Google Cloud Storage bucket to work with Cloudflare. I followed the steps here and did the following:

  1. Added a cname record for where I want to serve my content: ->
  2. Added a cloud storage bucket for
  3. Uploaded a file and made it public:

However, when I go to I see an error that there’s an SSL version mismatch. This is probably because of what is mentioned here:

While you can serve your content through HTTPS using direct URI’s such as , when hosting a static website using a CNAME redirect, Cloud Storage only supports HTTP. To serve your content through a custom domain over SSL, set up a load balancer, use a third-party Content Delivery Network with Cloud Storage, or serve your static website content from Firebase Hosting instead of Cloud Storage.

So I did a little searching and saw someone suggested turning on Flexible SSL, so I added a Page Rule:

** - SSL - Flexible

However, the error still persists. Any ideas?


Cloudflare’s free SSL certificate onyl covers and * in this instance you have a second level subdomain * which isn’t covered by this certificate. You can use an alternate hostname ( or or you’d need to purchase a dedicated SSL cert to cover *


Yep, that did the trick - is working now. Thanks!

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