Unknown SSL behaviour

Not sure if this is normal or not, but noticing a lot of DNS records being added via API for TXT records _acme-challenge. I also received an email of a certificate reallocation.

Is this something to be concerned about?


New Value:
  "comment": null,
  "content": "ulEr7Z0WfyYCIoWPLVjvnFjhNwYYq5_GX0MAK7-8Iok",
  "id": "d1491fd3c597c67a8468dbdf25cabc16",
  "name": "_acme-challenge.********.com",
  "proxied": false,
  "tags": [],
  "ttl": 1,
  "type": "TXT",
  "zone_name": "*******.com"
Audit Record:0c24903f-573a-447b-8b3e-cae97adc1346
  "grpc_client_name": "bushbaby",
  "zone_name": "*********.com"

CF wouldn’t add any records on your behalf except when you add a site, CF imports DNS records. Apart from that, I suggest you to check the Audit log from your dashboard to see any third party access and make sure if your account is safe and not compromised.

When you see Cloudflare listed as the actor, those would be most likely be related to obtaining proxy certificates.

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