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Hi everyone.
I activated SSL on my website this afternoon.
I state that we have a second level domain and a third level domain.
At registration, only the second level domain can be entered, but in the settings it says that both are covered.

Currently entering the second level site, I see that the certificate is read correctly.
If I enter the third-level site, it tells me that the connection is not secure and therefore does not detect it. It still takes time? 24 hours? or is the SSL certificate not managed on third level domains?

thank you

SSL covers only and * To get down to *.*, you need a dedicated certificate with Custom Hostnames so you can cover something like

the second level site is
the third level site is

if you try to go to the second level you will enter normal, on the third you will be a security error.

That is precisely what @sdayman was referring to. If you want to proxy that host through Cloudflare and use SSL, you will need a dedicated certificate for $10 a month.

Currently, however, that host wont work at all as there are no DNS records to begin with.

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