Summary Email Schedule

I get the Cloudflare Community summary email at 10pm. Sorta late to be helpful
Is there a way to change that time, or the frequency? Ideal would be both 11:30a and 4:30p

I only see Hourly/Daily/Weekly. No options for time of day. It’s in the little gear thing in my profile. From there’s it’s in the Emails menu.

What time of day do they arrive for you?

I have it set for Weekly. I guess I’m here so often I never get one of those Summaries.

However, for the Mail in a Box Discourse forum I’m on, the Weekly summaries show up at about 3:30pm Pacific. Going way back, they were delivered earlier, like deliveries keep creeping later and later.

The KeyCDN Discourse forum sends my Weekly summaries at about 1:15pm Pacific…lately. In 2017, the KeyCDN times were all over the place.

This doesn’t seem to be an option in Discourse (at this time) but they have said they are looking to add it. Unfortunately it’s a low priority so it might depend on some volunteer work.

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