Subfolder to another server / cloudflare as reverse proxy

Hi there,
I’m a real newbie with workers and i’m trying to solve this.

Need :
I have a blog : blog[dot]mydomain[dot]com
And i want to be only reachaable to mydomain[dot]com/blog

What i did
I followed (at least i think i did)

Updated with the following worker code :

I went on mydomain[dot]com, worker, added a route to mydomain[dot]com/blog and selected the previously created worker.

But so far doesn’t really worked :frowning:
mydomain[dot]com/blog load the targeted page bust most element are not
If i go on a post mydomain[dot]com/blog/post1 this doesn’t work
and blog[dot]mydomain[dot]com is till accessible.

What i am doing wrong ( i guess a lot)
Any helped is welcommed :slight_smile:

Any news ?