Streaming Video Issue

One page on my website streams live video from a remote computer (i.e. in another state). It runs fine in FireFox, but won’t run in Edge or Chrome. The http connection to the webcam is being converted to https and since the connection is an ip address, it cannot be validated. I’ve tried to create a couple different rules to this page without success. What can I do to make sure the video can be viewed in Edge and Chrome?

This is the page in question:

I’m not seeing that. The page source shows HTTP for the video stream, and my browsers’ Dev Tools corroborate this.

You can’t have http content in an https page. That’s Mixed Content. I don’t see how this relates to Cloudflare. You need to find a way to deliver that stream over HTTPS, or just use HTTP for the entire site.

An IT friend of mine is the one that says http from the http from the webcam is being converted to https…

Removing security from the entire site is not an option. Seems like there must be a rule that could be used to display the video on the site.

This is something that the browsers are enforcing, and there is very little that you can do unless you upgrade the video feed to operate over https.

As a temporary measure (and really just for a small number of people), you can click the warning in the omnibar, and choose Site settings:

Scroll down to Insecure content, and select allow.

When you reload the page the video will attempt to play. Not exactly a solution for YouTube levels of traffic.

That’s a browser-initiated redirect to HTTPS, as the Chromium blog points out. But it doesn’t always work as well as they’d hoped it would. And the “HTTPS conversion” is failing because the webcam doesn’t support it.

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