SSL handshake failed Error code 525 Recently

Recently I got this site saying SSL handshake failed Error code 525.

It was working before and nothing has change just time has gone by, like 2 or 3 months since I deployed it.

I’ve tried all that Cloudflare suggest and nothing has solved the issue.

Any help please?

A 525 indicates that your server did not properly respond to Cloudflare’s TLS request. The article you linked really has all the information on this subject and you will need to debug that on your server.

For now it’s best to pause Cloudflare, so you can work directly with your server.

I have tried all that is mentioned and same out come. I have paused Cloudflare and still saying the same thing. I run the hosting on my own Windows Server running Plesk on top of it. I even have other sites that are also on the same server with Cloudflare working beautifully, so I dont understand what is wrong with this one.

If other sites work, it’s probably the site configuration.

What’s the domain?

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www feelandbeheard com

I am afraid your server does not respond on HTTPS.

You will need to fix this on your server. Once it loads, you can unpause Cloudflare and it should work.

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