SRV Records

Hi, I will be self hosting my website soon and I need to my domain to point to port 8080 on my deddicated server.

My question is, what srv service tags do I need to use to make it connect?

My setup;
A: ipaddress autottl
SVR: 0 0 auto

It doesn’t seem to want to work, is this the right configuration?

Edit: see this Cloudflare app, portzilla.

Browsers are hard-coded to use port 80 for http:// connections and port 443 for https:// connections. They also don’t check SRV records, they only query for A/AAAA.

In order to get port 8080 to work for your domain, you will either need to go directly to or use a proxy like Workers to proxy to another port number.

Also see this: How do i forward to a ip with a port number? - #5 by shimi

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