Showing off your Cloud


I’m sure there are a lot of sports arenas that do the same, but one of my favorite things at a San Jose Sharks game is when they do the “This is Sharks Territory” promo on the big screens and show photos from people all over the world with their Sharks Territory signs or Sharks gear. In front of famous monuments, in distant locales, etc.

I’m going to shamelessly steal that idea and encourage people here to show off places where they have worn a Cloudflare shirt, or displayed a Cloudflare sticker, or anything similar. If you don’t have any Cloudflare gear to show off, stay tuned. We’ll be giving it away from time to time to members of this community.


A windy day in Kaanapali.


I’m waiting for my 3rd shirt… this is my 2nd can’t remember must be about 2012 I got it and still kickin’ it in the gym. Somehow the first one got gone. This shirt actually has fine print of a bunch of the early adopters websites printed to form the cloud and yes one of our sandboxes is in there (a wee bit hard to spot)

Cheers from Canada
@ the Windsor International Aquatic & Training Center.


Kackar Mountains The Black Sea coast in eastern Turkey.


Thank you Cloudflare for this small present. :grin:


Rocking the old-school logo at Fontana Di Trevi-Roma




Aw, how to get one of these? I have never received any of them, like long time ago someone tweeted to find all the legacy CF logos?

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@lifehome depending where you live, there are some Cloudflare summits where they give gifts like this (stickers, shirts etc.). But you can also try sending a Cloudflare mention (or PM) on twitter asking for stickers, they may give you some.

If you reiceive I think they’ll be very thankful if you use in public for help them to expand the brand. Good luck!

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My Cloud, flying inside the balloon in southern California!
And the view from the air…I’m in the shadow dot in the middle!


A little visitor decided to photobomb my picture. :chipmunk:


Wow, didn’t expect even the coding people have fun