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Good day, I am new to Cloudflare and my website is not getting INDEXED by google dur to no index meta tag attached to my website. How do we get it disabled? How to contact Cloudflare to assist with this issue?

That is something you need to take up with your website developer. Cloudflare is not involved here.

The website developer asked me to use my website host… I would like to know how to disable NOINDEX META TAG?

Your host won’t be responsible for that, that is your developer. And furthermore Cloudflare is not your host.

I got domain from godaddy, The server is Cloudflare and the website platform is Yclass.

I contacted GoDaddy: they said I must contact my Host
I contacted Yclass, They said they are not involved in metatags
I am now with Cloudflare, the same answer

I am not an expert, would you mind assisting me with your expert advice, normally in my situation who is the person to access my meta tag and update it?

I have same issue with Google Adsense and Google maps GEO IP code

As I already said, Cloudflare is not your host. That is probably Yclass.

You either need to talk to Yclass or your web developer, most likely the latter.

I am confused, what is the role or the contribution of Cloudflare for my website then? silly question, I just want to know.

Cloudflare provides a proxying service which tunnels requests from your visitors to your server. has all on that.

Thank you for you availability and assistance. Have a great weekend

Sure, sorry for not providing more information but this issue really is something either for your web host or for your developer. Cloudflare is not involved here, they only tunnel through whatever you send them

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